Who Farted? 4 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Emitting Noxious Fumes

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Who Farted? 4 Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Emitting Noxious Fumes

If your dogs farts could clear a room, it's time to get to the bottom of the smelly gas. There are some dogs that just naturally emit gag-inducing farts. However, most dogs won't suffer from smelly gas unless there's an underlying issue that needs to be resolved. If your dog has suffered from noxious emissions since it was a young pup, more than likely it's just a breed that naturally stinks. If, however, your dog only recently started experiencing smelly farts, you'll need to do a process of elimination to identify the culprit. Here are four problems that could be causing your dogs noxious farts.

They're Eating the Wrong Foods

If you've been feeding your dog a high-fiber diet because you heard it was best, you might have started them on the road to bad gas. Diets high in fiber and low in meat can increase the chances that your dog will develop smelly gas. That's because dogs can't digest fiber properly, which leads to the gassy problem. To help reduce the stench that your dog is emitting from its backside, cut down on the fiber, and beef up on the mealtime by adding a meat-based food. It's also a good idea to add a serving of probiotic yogurt to your dogs meal about once a week.

They're Speeding Through Mealtime

If your dog speeds through mealtime like it's a race to the finish, it could be swallowing air. Unfortunately, the added air will increase the gas that's being created in the digestive tract, which will increase the occurrence of gas. To help your dog slow down at mealtime, place a tennis ball in its food bowl. Your dog will have to fight the ball to get to its food, which means it will slow down.

They're Not Getting Enough Water

If your dog isn't getting enough water during the day, they could be dehydrated. Unfortunately, dehydration can affect the way your dog digests food. In fact, dehydration can cause undigested food to build up in the digestive tract, where it will produce large quantities of gas. To eliminate that problem, add moist food to your dogs diet several times a week, and ensure that there's always fresh water for your dog to drink.

They're Dealing with Health Issues

If you've tried implementing changes to alleviate the smelly farts, and nothing is helping, it's time to rule out medical issues. Schedule an appointment with your dogs veterinarian. Your veterinarian will be able to get to the source of the odor and take steps to cure the problem.

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