Three Things You Should Know About A Medical Emergency For Your Dog

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Three Things You Should Know About A Medical Emergency For Your Dog

No one expects to have a medical emergency for their pet, but the truth is that many medical emergencies can happen, and the longer you are a pet owner, the more likely it is that an emergency will occur. Some of them can be from accidents, but often your pet is not acting right and is in obvious pain. When this happens, your regular vet may not be available because it is outside of business hours. If this is the case, you need to take your pet to an emergency animal clinic. But there are a few things you should understand about a medical emergency for your pet.

You should know where to take your pet

Make sure you know where the nearest emergency animal hospital is located. The chances are this will not be your regular veterinarian. You need to know their phone number and keep it where you can locate it with ease. If you are a person who always has their phone with them, you can keep it in your phone's contact list. You need to know exactly how to get to the emergency clinic and what the means of transportation will be. When your dog is sick or injured, you may not be thinking clearly, so where and how to get your dog medical attention should be planned ahead of time.

Make sure you are ready to make payment

An emergency clinic often does not bill pet owners. Some of theses emergency clinics do not have a system in place to do this. They sometimes want the money upfront or at least for you to provide a deposit. You need to be prepared to pay for emergency treatment. In addition, whatever you are used to paying for your current veterinarian services, be prepared for a higher charge. These clinics are open 24/7, and they are prepared for every emergency. However, this does raise the cost of treatment.

Consider buying insurance

This is a rapidly growing area of insurance, and more pet owners are beginning to realize its value. Generally speaking, it is only available for dogs and cats, and like other forms of medical insurance, it will not cover pre-existing conditions. However, these policies will cover medical emergencies. Having coverage for emergencies can save you a lot of money. When shopping for this type of insurance, you might want to start by asking the local emergency pet clinic what insurance plans they accept, and then use this list to begin getting quotes.

Knowing what to do in a medical emergency for your pet is a part of responsible pet ownership. The information above should be helpful, but you need to take action now so you will be prepared. The worst thing you can do is wait until you can see your dog's regular vet. Delaying medical attention can make a problem worse and may extend the suffering of your dog. 

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