Boarding Vs. Pet Sitting: Which Is Better For Your Dog?

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Boarding Vs. Pet Sitting: Which Is Better For Your Dog?

When you go on vacation or travel for a business, and you either can't or don't want to bring your dog with you, then you may be considering between pet boarding or pet sitting. Which one is better depends a lot on your pet and your personal situation. If you are having trouble determining which one to choose, then here are some questions and answers to help you out.

Does Your Dog Hate to be Alone?

Dogs that hate to be alone will get upset when everyone leaves the house. Your neighbors may also tell you that your dog howls or barks a lot when you're not at home. Some dogs even become destructive when left alone. If your dog gets bored or lonely when alone, then boarding may be a good option rather than standard pet sitting. Boarding facilities and veterinarians' offices usually have lots of activity to keep your dog stimulated.

Is Your Dog Anxious When it Comes to Change?

Like people, some dogs get very upset if there's any type of change in their routine or situation. These dogs are also anxious if there's a lot of stimulation or strange people and smells. In these cases, you might want to think about hiring a pet sitter so that your dog stays in his or her familiar surroundings. However, if you feel like your dog needs round-the-clock care or supervision, then contact your veterinarian to see if they can make special accommodations for your dog in a quiet area of their office.

Does Your Dog Have Health Problems?

Does your dog need daily medication or have diet restrictions? Does he or she need to be monitored frequently? A boarding facility usually has someone around at least most of the day and can make sure your pet is receiving the right food and medication. However, check with the facility first as there may be a restriction on the type of health conditions they can handle. For more serious or chronic health issues, then boarding with your veterinarian may be better in case your dog's health becomes worse.

You want your dog to be cared for in the best way possible, so it's important that you choose the right care option. If your dog gets lonely and has serious health conditions, then boarding at a veterinarian may be preferable than having a pet sitter. Having a dog that is comfortable in unfamiliar situations makes boarding easier for both them and their boarding staff. If you think your dog will do better being boarded rather than staying home, then contact your veterinarian or a boarding facility and try a few short stays before your big trip.

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